What is VJ HIVE?

VJ HIVE Is a community-based vj content supplier. We provide an easy to use platform to make selling video artwork directly to buyers easier and more cost-effective for artists. Our goal is to support independent artists worldwide as well as to encourage people to invest in VJ scene while supporting new talented artists.

Should I be registered for buying clips?

You don't have to be registered (logged in) for buying clips from VJ HIVE, however we would recommend you register. Once registered all purchases you make are always available for download on your Purchased page, plus more site features that you might find useful are available for our registered users.

Should I be registered for selling clips?

Yes, you should be registered. Only registered users with artist account can sell clips on VJ HIVE.

How do I start selling my clips on VJ HIVE (how to get an artist account)?

Step 1: Register. Step 2: Upload your clip via form on the site or using your FTP account. Step 3: Wait untill your file is processed and reviewed. This might take up to 24 hours. If your video meets our technical and artistic criteria you get an artist account and some additional options as a seller. A notification email will be sent to you confirming the activation of your artist account.

How do I know my clip is sold?

Every time your clip is sold you get a notification male with a list of sold clips and purchase details.

How long does approval take?

All submitted content is placed into the processing and moderation queue. Approval process will take no longer than 24 hours. All videos that passed the approval will appear on the site immediately.

What codecs should I use?

We prefer uncompressed video or PhotoJPEG codec with minimum compression. Pretty much any codec that provides fine graphic quality will do.

What are your technical requirements for video?

You have to upload just one file which will be resized into smaller resolutions. So be sure your file is no smaller than 640x480 (4:3 aspect ratio). HD resolution is acceptable as well but be mindful that it will be automatically cropped into smaller 4:3 resolutions.

Requirements are:

- aspect ratio 4:3
- at least 640x480 resolution
- uncompressed or very low compression
- avi or mov
no sound
- can be in zipped (no password)
- seamless looping preferable

How will I get paid?

You need to reach $50 earnings balance to receive a payment. Then you can order a payment in your Payment page. After we received your order, money will be wired to your WebMoney or PayPal account.

How much will I get?

VJ HIVE offer 50% commission on sale of your work.

What are your requirements for content?

We accept only original videos made by the the artist himself. Video should not contain any copyrighted material such as snippets of copyrighted videos, music tracks, logos or infringe intellectual or proprietary right of any party. All submitted content is moderated and we reserve the right to reject, disable, or remove any content that does not fit our criteria or for any other reason at any time.

Do I still own my work after it is submitted to VJ HIVE? Do I give up my ownership rights?

VJ HIVE does not take away any ownership rights, all published content remain author's property.

Can I remove my videos?

You can remove content if you no longer wish to distribute it through the site. The exceptions to your ability to remove Content are as follows:
  • Content retained in our archives to the extent required by our data backup systems.
  • Content that you have made available to purchasers may also remain available on the site (in purchaser's "Purchased" section) to users who have purchased that content.

How can the video I submit to VJ HIVE be used, are there any restrictions?

We are selling under the end-user license agreement. Please read the license for full details of what restrictions we put on the use of our footage. Everyone who buys footage from VJ HIVE must read and agree to this contract when downloading any video.
If you don't see your question answered here, please feel free to contact us.